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Are You Leading By Example?

Monday morning, my son and I board the 7:05am Manhattan bound express bus. My son rides the bus with me half way into the city and gets off on Queens Blvd to go to school. This morning in particular the bus gets stuck in a massive amount of traffic on the ramp at the Queens Blvd exit on the Van Wyck Expressway. As I see the driver having trouble making his way onto the ramp, I quickly inform him that I am getting off at the second stop on Queens

Living Life to the Fullest

As I sat down to write this post, I spent a plethora of time deciding what to say. Should I make a list? Should I talk about life? Should I discuss popular music, movies, beauty tips, etc? Then it came to me! What gets me through bad days/weeks and how I stay positive each day by living life to the fullest. Everyone has a bad day, week, or month. But how do you handle them and stay true to who you are? Here are five ways I make the best

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