As I sat down to write this post, I knew that not everyone will agree with my opinion and some may be offended. Hence, I apologize in advance however my feelings are exactly that my feelings. Before finding my DJ calling I have had many side hustles in the past. I’ve been asked numerous times lately why don’t I just follow my passion and let the cards fall where they fall. Where should I start? I’ve always admired individuals that have the where with all to jump into the fire wholeheartedly without looking back. Honestly, due to different circumstances sometimes you are forced to do just that. JUMP IN…head first and start praying. Personally, I have chosen to take a more strategic approach to doing what I love. Why? It’s simple, because being broke is childish. While I respect those who are able to rub their two nickels together and spark fire to their dreams…financially that is not always the best move for everyone. Having to beg, borrow and steal to live a dream is not living in my opinion. That is what I consider getting by. While I encourage entrepreneurship, it is important to plan. Failure to plan is a guaranteed plan to fail. Also, you have to look at your entire financial picture. Yes, there are many people out there who can honestly say when the cards were dealt and they were forced to make a move they were ready. Kudos to them! But then you have people like myself, who while I am extremely humble I have no desire to put myself in a position to have to live hard. I will continue to work, earn my money, sustain my lifestyle and build my empire. I chose this route because being broke is childish and I’m quite grown!