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Being Broke Is Childish And I’m Quite Grown!

As I sat down to write this post, I knew that not everyone will agree with my opinion and some may be offended. Hence, I apologize in advance however my feelings are exactly that my feelings. Before finding my DJ calling I have had many side hustles in the past. I’ve been asked numerous times lately why don’t I just follow my passion and let the cards fall where they fall. Where should I start? I’ve always admired individuals that have the where with all to jump into the fire

The Dj Code

I recently came across this very interesting post on DJ life on the Scratch DJ Academy Blog written by one of my former instructors DJ Noumenon. The post discusses the DJ code. Many DJs today are unaware, do not understand or completely disregard the code. I have been fortunate enough to have trained with some of the best DJs in NYC. Not only did I learn how to be a DJ, but I was also taught the rules. This is definitely a post worth sharing. Enjoy! The DJ Code According

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