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Summer Issue 2012

Enspire (2012)

JAMIE RALLIFORD Ms. Chu the DeeJay The Ultimate Chameleon Beauty and the Beats The music is hot, the dance floor is filled to capacity and the crowd is moving to the beat. There is a never ending euphoria of music to ear, ear to soul, and soul to rhythm, creating an out-of-body musical eargasmic experience. Panning to the DJ booth, one can see a beautiful, poised and graceful young woman rocking the turntables. Who is this musical sensation? It’s none other than, “Ms. Chu the DeeJay”. Jamie Ralliford aka “Ms. Chu the DeeJay” is one of the East Coast’s hottest female deejays. Also known as “The Ultimate Chameleon”, “Ms. Chu” knows how to get the crowd going and to keep them on the dance floor. “Ms. Chu” has the beauty and grace to be a pageant queen, but once she hits the turntable she becomes Beauty and the Beats as she transforms the dance floor into a sea of rhythm with waves of thunderous beats and grooves that are guaranteed to keep the crowd moving. One can say that Jamie was destined to be in the entertainment industry. She comes from a musical family and music played a major part in her childhood.  “My parents and grandparents played a huge role in my musical influence. My mother was a member of an R&B group. My father was a huge blues music fan. My grandmother was a Baptist church mother so gospel played a role in my influence as well. Even as a baby I have always been a lover of music. My mom says that every time the theme music for Sanford and Son would come on, I would rock to the beat in my crib. Once I was able to stand, when Sanford and Son would come on I would stand up and balance in one spot dancing to the music”, said Jamie.   Jamie became interested in becoming a DJ at any early age. “I have ALWAYS been a lover of music and the family “hype woman”. When I was a child I would use my Fisher Price record player to get the party started with my cousins and me.  So it’s safe to say that I’ve been interested in DJing since a very young age. I was just unaware of what I was really doing”, said Jamie.  She still remembers the first two records she purchased, “It’s Like That” by Run DMC and “Candy Girl” by New Edition. She used to play them on her Fisher Price record player.

Most people would be surprise to learn that Jamie loves country music. “I grew up listening to and have a love for classic country music. If you listened to the songs on my iPod, you will find music from Alabama, Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis and The Judds”, said Jamie.

Jamie and her husband Andre are the owners of Over the Top Event Planning and Entertainment, a mobile DJ company. According to Jamie, “There were a few times when I would travel to gigs with my husband, he would ask me to man the equipment while he went to the men’s room. He already had the next song lined up but I found myself searching through his music deciding what I wanted to play next. I’ve been a bedroom DJ for many years; it was time to share my musical ear with the world. I decided that it was time for me to get over being shy and really take some time to develop my skill”.